The purchase of your home here in Menorca should be a dream come true and the beginning of something wonderful, and our aim is to make sure you enjoy it by offering a complete property management package here in Menorca - taking the worry out of property ownership leaving you free to enjoy yourself.

Why use a professional company?

  • To guarantee that your investment receives the best possible care and attention by a fully insured and registered company.
  • To ensure your property is not misused, and you are not liable for problems that may occur when using unregistered and illegal services.
  • If you are not in Menorca yourself, you need to know that there is someone on hand who you can trust to ensure everything runs smoothly - what happens if the toilet does not flush, a window gets broken or the swimming pool pump fails.
  • To keep the property free from ‘the elements’, mainly damp and mould growth which are unfortunately a significant problem with homes here in Menorca. We pride ourselves on our excellent level of service we have provided since January 2002, we have specialised in Property Management for private owners. The company has gone from strength to strength, our success measured by the repeat business and quality of the properties we maintain, a fact we are very proud of.
  • Property Management

  • Property Management